Thursday, March 18, 2010

Clues to Personality I

There are many ways you can size up your baby’s personality: She will
reveal her likes and dislikes in almost everything she does. Experts
in child development evaluate temperament by observing a child’s
responses in key areas of behavior. You can do the same by noting your
own baby’s reaction to such every day activities as feeding, bathing,
and play. As you consider the following question, thing about possible
adjustments to your routine that might make life easier for every one.

First, does your infant adhere to a set schedule? After the settling
in period following birth, which may take as much as four months, some
babies seem to develop built in alarm clocks. They eat and sleep at
roughly the same times each day. They have regular bowel movements and
predictable times each day. They have regular bowel movements and
predictable times when they are either alert and playful or fussy and
irritable. Other babies operate on no apparent schedule at all. One
day this type of baby will sleep for so long that she has to be
aroused for feeding: the next day she will barely settle down for a
nap at all. Parents of a child this unpredictable should keep their
plans flexible.

How strongly does your baby show her feelings? If she is hungry or
wet, does she cry loudly, flailing and kicking her arms and legs? Or
does she fuss mildly at first to try to get your attention, only
gradually intensifying her appeal if you do not respond at once? The
less demonstrative the baby, the more alert you will need to be to her