Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meeting of personalities

Just every child is born with a personality all his own; each parent has a distinct personality that shapes her needs and preferences, her moods and reactions to every events. And it is just as important that you be aware, of your own temperament as it is for you to be aware of your child’s, since the two will be existing in an intimate partnership. If your behavior modes happen to mesh easily, then you can enjoy each other’s company without any particular effort on anybody’s part.
But if your personalities are the sort of opposites that do not exactly attract- your baby skittish and cautious by nature, for example, and you a lively individual who loves a good romp- then one of you will have to make some adjustments. Needless to say, that person is you. If you find that your stimulating manner seems to make your infant tense, it may be that quieter play and gentler handling is required
  Keep in mind, however, that your child’s personality can change with time. Do not make the mistake of assuming that you can never try enlivening his existence with your natural verve. Studies indicate, in fact, that children influence the way they are treated by their parents to a much greater extent than is commonly realized. Johnny appears to need a lot of protection. So his mother hovers over him extensively- even though her natural inclination might be to give him more freedom and even though, after a while, he may very well crave that freedom.
  Also bear in mind that you and your child may be so much alike that you need to make deliberate efforts to bring some balance into the picture. If you are both exceedingly placid, for instance, you and the baby might settle into a quiet mutually in stimulating pattern of existence un less you make a point of drawing him out.