Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Active Baby Part-I

A whirlwind of activity frequently surrounds the active baby. This infant tends to be restless and easily distracted; her attention shifts rapidly from one object or activity to another. Like the quiet baby, the active child can be a lesson in patience for even the most tolerant of parents.

An active baby may or may not adhere to a regular feeding schedule, but when she is hungry you will know it from her loud lusty cries, her crying is as intense as the rest of her. This infant cannot easily soother herself, even for the few minutes she must wait while you prepare to nurse her. An active child usually eats quickly and with gusto, but attention may be easily diverted by other activities taking place in the room where she is feeding.

When an active child is awake, her arms and legs are usually cycling like windmills, during play with parents or siblings, she smiles, gurgles, twists and kicks in response. But she also becomes easily overwrought by too much stimulation, and tears may come on with lightning speed. Her constant physical activity in fact, can prevent this infant from making calm observations of sights and sounds as quieter babies do.