Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Child

Although it may seem hard to believe, a crying baby is not necessarily an unhappy child. Infants cry for May reasons: fatigue, hunger, wet, uncomfortable gas bubbles, too much stimulation or perhaps just boredom. Crying is the way babies let the world know of their feelings and needs. Parents must look beyond this noisy form of communication for signs of good emotional adjustment. One of the most important – in childhood and throughout adult life- is the capacity to give and receive affection and love. Your baby shows the beginnings of this are quite early. You can see it in the enraptured gazes she fixes on your face and in her delighted smiles, kicks and coos as you play together.

Cuddling and clinging to per parents is another promising sign: Here the baby is exhibiting her dependency, showing that she trusts these all important people in her life and feels safe with them. It is by having her needs met promptly and reliably when she is a helpless infant that the child in time gains the security she needs to venture forth on her own.

A happy baby will also display a healthy curiosity and interest in her surroundings. Notice how she reaches for toys in her crib, explores the wonders of your air and ears, watches yours every move with fascination, involvement with people and events around her will be per primary method of learning, and another enduring source of pleasure throughout her lifetime.