Monday, February 15, 2010

Be a happy mom to raise a happy child

The childhood’s earliest influences are the most enduring. By the end of your child’s toddler years, much of your child’s personality the way the child reacts to the to the life’s challenges interacts with other people, feels about the child it self will already have taken shape. If you are like most parents you realize all too keenly that the chief architects of his emotion al blueprint are none other than you and your hubby. And you worry about doing the correct things in your child’s formative years.

Parenthood requires no special expertise, no esoteric skills. Mothers and fathers have been raising children more or less successfully for thousands of years. Most of them have done so without book learning or the advantages of toys, prestigious preschools. The only advantages that impress babies are the home grown assets of parent’s patience humor understanding and love. Most of the experts agree that the child’s future happiness is the unstinting love of his parents and the knowledge that he is loved. This can be conveyed not only by hugs and affectionate words but also how you deal with your kid’s every day need and concerns

Most of the experts endorsed the technique is to recognizing and accepting your child for the individual he is and loving him and letting him to know that you are love him. That is what I am going to share with you here.