Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting Along with Other Children

Over the course of your child’s lifetime, his relationships with other people will be a major factor in his emotional well being- as central to his happiness, probably, as good food and exercise are to his physical health. Yet babies do not come endowed at birth with the civilized spirit. It takes a few turbulent years, and usually more than a few tears, for the social skills to develop and mature.
            The socializing process actually begins in infancy with the loving give and take between the parents and the child, a model for future social involvement that occurs long before a child shows any interest in playing with peers. But more specific training in getting along with others- sharing, taking turns, being friendly, considerate, generous and tactful has to be keyed to a youngster’s mental and emotional maturity, before he can control his behavior on his own, a child must be able to remember what is expected of him and to understand how a certain behavior affects himself as well as others.
 These abilities advance at different rates in different children, much as physical growth varies, and parents will experience nothing but frustration and disappointment if they insist on trying to hurry their youngster along before he is ready