Friday, June 1, 2012

Maintaining good sleep habits

Some parents swear that the best way for everybody to get a good night’s sleep is for everybody, parents and baby to sleep in the same bed or the same room. Their reasoning is that the baby soon gets onto the same sleep cycle as the parents and thus never awakens them during the night. They also contend that the child develops a feeling of security that he simply cannot achieve when he sleeps by himself. Some authorities maintain, however, that this arrangement actually makes it harder for anyone to get a good night’s sleep. And they say that many parents who use it only do so because it is easier than compelling a child to get back in his own bed when he arrives in his parents room at four or so in the morning. Where you want our child to sleep is a purely personal matter, of course, but if you are considering this arrangement you should bear in mind that once your child stars sleeping with you, it may be extremely difficult to switch back to separate accommodations, because the child will be so un happy about being displaced.

Even if your baby takes readily to drifting off to sleep on her own. Your troubles may not be over. At some point between seven and nine months, she may suddenly begin to protest with anguished cries your departure from her room each night. Her panic is a sign of separation anxiety, which emerges at about this time in a child’s life. She has become strongly attached to you and does not yet understand that when someone disappears from view that person continues to exist and will return. She is afraid you are going away forever.