Monday, May 24, 2010

Surrounding that stimulate

The physical environment you create for your infant is another tool in building his sense of self esteem. Expose your child early to a variety of sights and sounds, including him as an observer in family events even though he is too young to participate. Provide him with age appropriate play things, either homemade or store bought, that he can investigate through touch, taste smell and sound. Choose toys that challenge him but that he can master with a little persistence.
 When the baby is ready to crawl, give him a reasonable amount of freedom to explore physical space. If necessary, child proof one or more rooms where he can express his natural curiosity without your having  to rein him in constantly. For those occasions when you must be out of sight for a few minutes, the indoor playpen and the back yard corral may be necessary. They are, however, no substitute for the rich experiences of footloose exploration.