Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Active Baby Part-II

The active child may have to develop special methods of slowing herself down- sucking on her hand or thumb, for instance- before she is able to focus her attention on an object or person near by.

Active babies tend to have fussy periods before each nap and before bedtime, and they frequently resist their parent’s attempts to soothe them by walking or rocking. They are usually light sleepers, rousing often during the night to whimper and move around in the crib, though most often they do fall back to sleep on their own. As the parents of an active  baby  you may spend much of your day simply trying to keep up with your infant, who will demand a great deal of attention. You may feel guilty about not being able to comfort her during fussy times, and even become desperate in your attempts to do so.
If so, rest assured that the best you can usually do with an active baby is to maintain your patience, try to keep stimulation at a level she can manage, and learn to enjoy her free wheeling approach to life. It can be tense and exhausting, but also exhilarating, to witness the vitality of your energetic child.