Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Quiet Baby Part-II

This child does not usually fuss in the evenings, but tends to wake up for a night feeding beyond the point when most infants are sleeping through the night. This may be due to the child’s lack of motor activity during the day; he is not sufficiently tired to sleep all through the night. Eventually, however, by lengthen the time between feedings; you should be able to change this pattern.

Slow responses or a low level of feedback from an infant can be disappointing and discouraging for parents, who may blame themselves for their child seems lack of progress. They assume that their child doesn’t really need them- but actually the opposite is true. Quite children need even more attention from parents to help stimulate their development. The key is to gear the stimulation to the child’s level of coping with it. Ultimately you will find that a quiet baby can be as rewarding to rise as an outgoing child. More patience may be required to draw him out, but it is satisfying to know that each step he takes, each mile stone he achieves is one you have reached together.