Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Basic types of infant temperament Part-II

If you wish to determine your own child’s temperamental style for comparison, simply observe him carefully during your every day activities and note his general mood and reactions. Your baby may fall squarely into one of the three patterns outlined here or may combine traits from all three into a hybrid style all his own.

 A parent who is unprepared to deal with a particularly active or quiet baby will at times feel frazzled and wary, or guilty and inadequate. Different children elicit different responses from their parents, and it is quite likely that preconceived notion of child rearing will crumble when put to the test. The thought to keep uppermost in mind is that each child regardless of general personality type is in the end an individual, with a unique mix of weaknesses and strengths. Accepting your child as such, appreciating and encouraging positive qualities as you under stand and help the youngster cope with shortcomings; can be as enriching an experience for you as it is for your child.