Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The average baby

The parents of an average baby will consider themselves luck indeed. This baby typically tunes in with interest and pleasure to the world around her and often welcomes new experiences. Adhering to a fairly regular feeding schedule, the average baby will usually begin to whimper and stir in her crib about half an hour before her accustomed mealtime; gradually she will build up to a strong  cry to announce her hunger. This baby most often nurses quietly and steadily. When she has finished sucking and feels full and content, she is usually awake and quite alert, If placed in her crib or propped in a sitting position, the infant will observe her surroundings- staring at a beam of light coming through a window, or watching a fluttering curtain. When approached by parent or siblings for play, the baby usually responds by smiling and cycling her arms and legs.

As well as regular feeding times, This baby may have regular fussing periods, most often before bedtime. But the average baby is fairly adept at finding ways to soother herself if attention is not immediately available. She may suck on her fist turn onto her side, find a colorful toy or stuffed animal to watch or suck on her fingers to reproduce the peasant sensations of feeding. These fussing times can be trying, especially for parents who have only a limited amount of evening time to play with their child. But an average baby is basically even tempered and in return for the care and stimulation you give her, she will reward you with gratifying smiles, gurgles, and playful kicks.